Support Desk

We use a team approach and advanced technology to deliver comprehensive support and timely resolutions with quality, consistency, and accuracy, and we have 24/7/365 coverage to ensure your issues are solved day and night.

cloud communications

Businesses are switching from traditional phone service to VoIP and web-based platforms, increasing functionality, saving time and money, and improving quality of service for their communications needs.

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From installing and improving your wireless network to managing firewalls and security appliances, or building and maintaining a virtual server environment, our team ensures your technology runs smoothly and securely.


Protect against known viruses and catch new, hard-to-detect malware threats. Using industry leading antivirus detection and prevention technology, we provide 24/7 monitoring, regular testing, and employee training to keep your company safe from hackers.

data & cloud storage

Whether you need on-site devices or cloud hosted backup services, geographic redundancy, or encrypted and compliant solutions, we monitor, test, and manage and restore storage for businesses of any size.

Email management

We provide fully managed, scalable email solutions like Office 365, Exchange, as well as support for Gmail and webmail, and can help you migrate from mail servers to the cloud with secure access for your company at work or on-the-go.

Save with Sergeit

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